Is your demo in need of a professional sound?







If you want to be taken seriously as a songwriter and have a realistic chance of getting your music placed with established artists, a professional demo is a must!

The truth is that an amateurish production will render you chanceless. It doesn’t matter how good your songs are if their production quality is not up to par. To grab the attention of A&R:s at major publishing or record companies, it is essential that your demo sounds great, or else it risks heading straight to the trash. Trust us! We’ve learnt the hard way.

If the production and sound quality of a demo is poor, professionals immediately assume that the song is as well.
The result: your song is turned off after just a few seconds and is not given the chance it deserves.

So if you have the ability to write great songs but not the skills to make it sound as good, you have come to the right place! When ordering a production from us we will maximize your song’s potential based on our own experience from the industry, or you may provide us with musical references for us to create a “similar” sound to something specific you like. The choice is yours.

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Newly added: Listen to before and after examples here! 

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